Chakrasana (Backbend)

Over the winter an old inline skating friend of mine, Adam Steer and his business partner Ryan Murdock  asked me if I would shoot a short video on how to safely perform a backbend or chakrasana for their Shape Shifter Media, Inc. blog.   For a while, subscribers of  had been asking for more information on stretching and yoga and Adam and Ryan knew that their readership would appreciate the visual.

I just happened to have recently purchased a decent camera for my computer and took an afternoon putting a few postures together.  Since chakrasana is a very advanced pose I did my best to convey this in the 3 or so minute video suggesting a few postures that would prepare the body for future success in this pose.   The video was  pretty well received and in the end was a  catalyst for two new fitness products from these prolific fitness gurus.

At the beginning of the month I went to Toronto to film and produce material for  two yoga related fitness products.   Professional fitness model and fitness trainer Vince Delmonte was on hand for me to lead him through various yoga postures.  Working with Vince was an honor, easy on the eyes  😉 , and served as an opportunity to sell the limitless benefits of yoga to someone who is so influential in the fitness industry!  In all, more than 80 yoga movements and postures were filmed giving us enough material to create 2 unique products that will promote the merits of yoga to the weight training world.

It is isn’t difficult to see how those who do a majority of their fitness training with weights can often become symmetrically imbalanced and inflexible.  With more bulk comes more tightness and over time there is less overall improvement in muscle size and strength.   This is where some basic yoga movements and postures can have a profound effect.  However, even someone like me, who advocates skating as an off-shoot of yoga, is a little hesitant on how to best approach the traditional weightlifter.  While breath and movement awareness are integral to proper weightlifting, the typical mindset of a weightlifter is about the physical improvements they will see with little thought of how yoga can positively improve their mental and emotional side as well.  When I expressed concern in regard to watering down the message of yoga, Adam told me “Sell ’em what they want and give ’em what they need.”  Okay, sneak in the backdoor….I get that and it works for me!

Hopefully, with the increase in popularity of fitness model competitions where proportion and overall muscular balance is prized,  as well as buy in  and support from successful fitness model’s and trainers like Vince, the weighlifting world might just be ready for yoga.  It might not be what they want, but hopefully many will find that it is exactly what they need.

The products will be available in October/November.  For more information go to