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This morning at 2:50am I heard Dixie our dog crying.  “Should have taken her out one more time last night,”  I thought to myself as I made my way downstairs.  In addition to Dixie, I was also greeted by our ever vocal cat Allie with “Hello, meow, even though it is 3am feed me now meow, meow.”  So I  did what I was asked of Allie and open the door for Dixie.

Instead of just letting her out I thought a quick walk may be in order as well  so I put on my coat, hat, and got her leash and off we went.

After a brisk, uneventful walk around our extremely quiet neighborhood we got back home and in an ideal world that would be it.  Dixie would got back into her crate, Allie would nestle into her basket or in bed with one of my daughters and I would head back to bed.   But no, Dixie, Allie, and I were ALL now wide awake.

So, like most times when I find myself wide awake in the middle of the night, instead of lamenting the fact that everyone I know in this time zone is asleep (except my husband who happens to be at work tonight-darn him, it’s his fault I am up in the first place because he has night time dog duty!), I just get a jump start on my morning yoga practice. “Why lay down to toss and turn?  Might as well make the best use of my time,”  or so I thought.

Unfortunately, the pets were not buying into my extremely early morning plan.

Sphinx Pose

Dixie wanted to play with her ball and had basically taken over my mat with her own practice.  By the way, she does have the most perfect full expression of “Downward Facing Dog” that she does on command…but of course, not this morning because this apparently was “her” practice.

For the next 35 or so minutes I manage to share the mat with Dixie and got through the asana portion of my practice.  Ends up Dixie is a great yoga partner and really livened things up for me this morning.

In between rounds of Sun Salutation, camel pose,shoulder stand, etc. we played fetch with the ball and  at times literally wrestled for control of the mat!  Dixie was persistent and apparently more wide awake then I would expect for this pre-dawn hour.  But eventually, after a few dog treats and a little coaxing Dixie made her way back to her crate.  I shut the lights off and decided to continue with my pranayama and meditation practice.

So with the lights off and my blankets organized I began to settle into stillness-which lasted about a total of 3 breaths when I heard the pitter patter of Allie paws followed by the “What about me meow”  as she jumped onto my lap.

Lucky for me she decided my lap, at least cross-legged, wasn’t too comfortable and she made her way to a nearby couch.  But of course, like most cats, she couldn’t just lay on the couch, but instead had to lay on the “Thing” that you have on the couch,   which in this case happened to be the yellow dhoti given to me my Swami Satsangi when I initiated as a Jignasu Sannyasin two years ago.

Because she is so sweet, and obviously is a yogini in the feline order, AND because  finally, all pets seemed to be quieting down, I didn’t move her and continued with my practice.

Sannyasin Allie with Yellow Dhoti

In the end I managed to complete the practice and now I am sitting here writing about it.

Hari Om Tat Sat.  Good night or more appropriately Good Morning!


karmicwheelThe Law of Karma states that “All of one’s karmas will bear fruit without exception, and any action performed will elicit a reaction of equal force and effect.” [1]

It is the simple science of cause and effect.  In biblical terms “we reap what we sow.”  According to the Law of Karma, the good actions or karmas will cause positive or desirable experiences while the negative or “bad” actions or karmas will cause undesirable experiences. [2]

It is very popular to say “well karma is going to catch up with you…or “karma’s a bitch.”  What is not recognized is that much of our karmic debt was set before this life time.

Swami Satyananada has said that “man cannot change his karma.”  “All karma whether it is perceived to be good or bad must be lived through.  There is no way around it.   Karmas are unalterable. Karmas are like seeds. When they fall from the tree, they sprout.” [3]

We may be working through karmas of many life times not just from the one we are currently living.   Knowing this may not make it any easier to deal with present life situations.   However, if we understand that that our karma was put in place before we showed up in this lifetime perhaps we can work to exhaust it through a more positive attitude of grace and acceptance.

So this year I resolve to accept that every experience, perceived desirable or undesirable, is inevitable karma and part of my current life journey.

Through being the witness, of my thoughts, words, and actions I endeavor not to take on any new undesirable karma in 2013.

The future me will be thankful.

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