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The Mobile Yoga Workout™ melds the benefits of yoga and inline skating. The workout integrates the inherent skate benefits of cardio fitness, muscular strength and endurance to provide an entirely new platform to experience yoga.

Mobile Yoga™ was developed to incorporate the natural push and glide rhythm of inline skating with the mindful breathing and relaxation benefits of yoga. By applying the basic yoga principal of body and movement awareness to inline skating, The Mobile Yoga Workout™ enhances skating technique, efficiency and performance, which leads to a more satisfying skating experience.

Kris Fondran, the founder of The Mobile Yoga Workout™, is a certified yoga and inline skate instructor who had been teaching yoga and inline skating as separate disciplines for over 20 years. Kris began to see similarities and complimentary attributes among yoga and skating disciplines and experienced first-hand how integrating yoga-influences like body-awareness, breathing and flexibility dramatically helped her skating students improve their technique and confidence. For yoga, inline skating brings a new cardio, muscular and outdoor aspect.

Practiced together, The Mobile Yoga Workout™ provides a platform for the improvement of muscle flexibility, coordination, strength and endurance. Integrating the basic tenets of a well-rounded yoga routine with the cardiovascular benefits of inline skating encourages improved connection between mind, body and spirit. Experiencing this connection on a daily basis can improve ones overall physical, emotional and mental capacities that in turn relieve stress and improve overall health and well-being.